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Your Checklist For Success


*Focus on 1 step at a time below and quickly check them off your list. These will help you get rapidly setup for success.



1.) After registering and becoming an associate you will have your paper work to submit. To save time and hassle download the “sign easy” app on your phone. The app will allow you to sign the documents, save them to your phone, and then upload them easily to your TVC back office website. If you are having trouble with the app, you may need to print the documents and fax, email them, or mail them back to MCA. The addresses for this is under the support tab in your TVC back office site. If your TVC site says your state requires a state license and you are having trouble will filling out the paper work or have questions about the license please call 1-800-227-6459 Not every state requires a license, the fee can be anywhere from $5 to $250 but keep in mind this fee can be taken out of your first paycheck if you call customer service and let them know that. 


2.) If you do not get the welcome call from MCA after signing up then you need to call them ASAP so you will be able to receive commissions... call 1-800-227-6459 & let them know you want to verify your membership & push it through so it is valid! Your account is on Hold until you speak with them.

3.) You will be tagged in the training (That is why you are reading this now) Watch all the training videos and read ALL the content on the Freedom Family website. If you will be promoting the benefits then get your free MCA website set up that they provide you with. Use this site to promote the products, this will be the site you use to sell to people who simply just want the services. This is OPTIONAL but you can promote both the benefits & the products, and the business opportunity, because we get paid on BOTH as long as a $40 is paid, you will get paid $80! Be sure to tell everyone credit, debit, and bank draft only! If they pay with a prepaid card you only get paid $9.24.

4.) Then you can create a “business opportunity” website for free using wix.com or the wix app on your phone. This is optional.. This is the site you want to send to people to check out if they are interested in being an associate with MCA. Use this to promote the job opportunity & mimic what you see on your mentors pages. It is free and easy to use. Get on youtube as well and search "MCA proof videos" and you can add some of those links to your page for people to see. (Having these websites is completely optional and up to you)

6.) I also highly recommend making a separate Facebook account and a “like” fan page for your business. This is where I get alot of signups from as well. Feel free to check out my fanpage at www.facebook.com/GarrettsGoodLife to get ideas to model and adapt from.  Start posting on it daily and establishing likes, you can drop your link in our private team group to get others to like it as well. Have people share it, send it out to leads, etc. Go to the drop down arrow in settings in your Facebook account and click “create page” and it will be attached to the actual account you have and have the same login. Once you establish a page make sure to season it and post multiple times a day, you can actually schedule posts in advance for as long as you want. I schedule my posts every Sunday for the rest of the week. There is a “boost page” button on there that is optional, but you can pay Facebook 5$ or more to boost your page and get likes on it for you. I highly recommend this only if you want to speed up the process. Facebook wont let you boost though until you have at least 50 likes on your page and have it seasoned for a good week. I also recommend that you make a video once your page is ready to go. You can show cash in the video and talk about MCA and what we do, or if you do not have cash you can simply show them your MCA benefit card and just make a video about the company, benefits, and opportunity. People respond a lot more to videos because they see you are a real person. Videos are also more likely to be approved to boost by Facebook.

7.) Join Facebook groups! I don't recommend “work from home” groups because all the people in them already work from home and are promoting their own businesses. Join groups all over the United States and Canada that simply have a lot of members. Search “Resale” groups, “Job opportunity” groups, ect. Be careful not to join too many groups in one day, I believe if you join more than 20 in a day Facebook will make you log out of your account for a day, lol. Post ads in your groups and don't reveal what the company is yet, this will make people message you so that you now have a lead and get one on one with them. Sometimes in Job groups, if someone posts that they're looking for a job, I will personally just send them a message and tell them about my job opportunity. Get creative with it! Groups are a good way to make extra money when first starting out and establishing your like fan page. Once you have a good fan page established and start boosting ads you wont need to post in groups anymore.

8.) Join other sites! Twitter! If you search in the twitter box “I need a job” or things similar, it will bring up all the tweets of people who have tweeted needing a job. Then send them a message with your website link, tell them to check out the job opportunity you have for them.


9.) Craigslist! Post in gigs (its free) your job opportunity, and also post in “things or services for sale” our products. Be sure to keep an eye on your emails and reply to interested people.


10.) Youtube! It may be out of peoples comfort zone, but making a video works! Making a video of yourself and posting it on your Facebook “like” page works great too and then boosting it. The reason videos work so great is because people see that you are a REAL person, just like them. They can connect with you and see that this is legit. Simply talk about your experience with MCA, tell them how great it is, why you started, why you want to share this experience with them. You can also show them your benefits card, or paychecks, whip out some cash show them that the money is REAL! People like to see PROOF.


11.) Instagram! Posting to instagram is easy. When you make a post just use relevant hashtags such as #workfromhome #business #jobopportunites ect. The more hashtags, the more people will see it. Just check your DMs and keep up with interested people. You can also post the services on there and hashtag #roadsideassistance #benefits ect


12.) Post to your personal pages! I know a lot of people don't want to post to their personal face books, but you'd be surprised how many friends & family want to jump on this money making adventure with you! So reach out to them! You also probably have friends and family who could use the services. We have great benefits! We have vision, dental, health, legal benefits, roadside assistance, life insurance, and so much more all included in our membership, SELL IT!


13.) Word of mouth! This is optional but you may also get fliers and business cards made for your business. There are free printables on the TVC matrix site under the support tab. You can occasionally bring up MCA to people and hand them some info about it if you'd like or even set up seminars in your town, go to job fairs, stop by auto shops, whatever you'd like to do if you are wanting to do some offline marketing as well.

14.) WHEN SOMEONE WANTS TO SIGN UP!!! ALWAYS send them this express checkout link ----->   https://www.tvcmatrix.com/secure/cart/addItem.aspx?qty=1&itID=9135&PromoID=83&uid=YOURUSERNAMEHERE


   After the equal sign in the URL you just get rid "your username here" and replace it with your TVC username. If you do not know it, call 1-800-227-6459 SAVE THIS LINK!!!! It is the only one that works and will get you the commission credit, I cannot stress how important this is! COPY IT, EDIT THE USERNAME, AND SAVE IT! Once someone signs up go ahead and add them to the homemade boss group, and Tag them in all the videos, and this document:)


15.) Most of all have fun with this, be real with people, and be patient. Believe in yourself, stay positive, & motivated! Success takes a little time, so don't give up! 

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