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*IMPORTANT: These are used to answer people's questions, ONLY after they've seen the information about the opportunity (a video or website).

If they haven't seen info yet, then send them there before answering questions to save your time.




How does it work?

I want more info.

I'm interested.

How do I join MCA?

I want to join the team.



Hey my friend saw your request for more info on this work from home opportunity. Here's a quick site:



Go ahead and check it out now and message me back as soon as you're done.


Prospect: I don't get it. I went through your website , but how does it work ?


You: Let's be honest, did you go through my website completely?


Prospect : So all you have to do is refer people?is it hard getting people to join ?

You : Yes. ­The key is promoting the right way. In my case, people come to me for the information, instead of me going to people. I can teach you how to do that, it has nothing to do with if you're popular or famous,it's all techniques. I'm willing to train you so you can start making money as quick as next week.Note : If you are doing the FORMULA, people will come to you.


Prospect: Is it a scam? How do I know it's not a scam? I heard it's a scam. A lot of my friends are saying it's a scam.


You : I understand how you feel and I felt the same way, but once I realized that the company has been around since 1926 and has a A+ Rating with the BBB, I quickly felt comfortable and got started. I have a family to take care of, I do NOT mess around.


Prospect : I'll think about it. I'll let you know. I'm still not sure yet.


You: Let's be honest, what's holding you back ? The money ? Fear of not being able to refer people ? I've talked to hundreds of people. Most of the time when people say "I'll think about it" that usually means NO. Common sense from here on forward, Find out what the problem is and solve it.


(follow ups) I was looking through my inbox and I seen that you inquired information on how you can make money with me and my team and I sent you the info. Did you get to review it?


 *Prospect asks questions that are on your website

•I don't mind answering questions, but my website answers that question you just asked me in video format. Take your time with reviewing the information so you can have full knowledge on how my business operates.


Prospect- I'm not comfortable with putting my personal info and card number online.


Me - Your information goes directly to MCA, I do not see it at all. Your information is 100% secured by GeoTrust. It's as safe as ordering from Amazon, Walmart, and etc Also, One of the benefits MCA offers is $1,000 in credit card protection. I've been with this company for over 2 years, if it wasn't safe, I would have never joined. Does that make sense?


•If you applied for a job, talked with the manager, and the manager said "give me a call back in a day or so, would you wait a week or weeks to contact the manager back? No, right? That shows you aren't serious about business. Same applies here. I want GO getters on my team. It doesn't take a week or weeks to review my information on how YOU can make more money. So are we wasting each other's time


• (Closer) So now you know what's possible. Let me tell you what's required. You are going to have to put in work just like how I'm putting in work right now. I want winners on my Team. The key is promoting the right way. In my case, people come to me for the information, instead of me chasing people around. I will teach you how to do that, It's all techniques. If you follow my advice/training's you will be put in the position to make money as quick as next week! Are you ready to get started?


Prospect- I reviewed the info, but still don’t get it.

You: MCA is simple... All i do is properly protect people with our benefits, which is 24/7 roadside assistance, medical benefits, and legal benefits. Then i train people on how to properly promote the company and build a business from home just like i have done. Does that make sense?


•Okay, I see you paid with a bank draft. So you need to call MCA at 1-800-435-7622 and press 3 for MCA and verify your payment. I can't get you started until your payment goes through. It normally takes 3-5 business days to process and then i can get you started. If you don't want to wait, tell MCA you would like to switch your payment method to a bank card and it will go through instantly and i can get you started.


Prospect- So you only get paid by signups?

You : The point of any business is to build clientele and a successful sales team, so you can make money on auto pilot (sleep or anytime you aren't working.) That's why I make sure my team is successful, because without a team that's winning with me, I can't be successful. We get paid by sign ups, but we also get paid with overrides, bonuses, residual, and etc. Does that make sense?


Prospect: Is it a pyramid scheme?

•Pyramid schemes are illegal. The IRS wouldn't collect taxes from an illegitimate business. Pyramid schemes do no not offer tangible products to the public. MCA has over $150,000 dollars worth of tangible products. #learnlife



INCOME DISCLOSURE: As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience.


•It's a membership you get and have access to roadside assistance and much more. The fun part about this is the income that can be made. You make $80 per sign up. I'm not famous or even know a lot of people. The reason you can make very good money is because of the amazing training we get. You receive messages and friend requests daily from people you don't know. All you have to is send them to your website since you get your own personal website.


Prospect: I don't have the money to start.

•Me: Look at this as an obstacle. Tell yourself this. If you really deserve to be wealthy, if that's really a life you think you should get to live then you can get $40 by whatever means. Tell yourself "If I really want to be successful, nothing can hold me back except my self."


Prospect: It's not for me.

•Me: How can it not be for you, if you have never done or tried it before? You don't think making money online/at home is for you? A closed mind will always have you saying "It's not for me." Your assumptions are your windows on the world. If you always keep a mind like that, the light won't ever be able to shine in on your life.


Prospect: I have to pay to start?

•Me: Yes, starting a business requires an investment in your future. It takes money to make money. It's $40 and that also covers you with 150k of benefits, training's, and my guidance. So is your future worth investing in?


Prospect: So if I started right now, what would I be doing?

Me: If you started right now, you would begin training on different ways to market the business our online Facebook group with over 24,000 members.


Prospect: I want to try it, but I don't think I will be good at it.

Me: That's understandable, It's the fear of doing something you haven't done before. That's normal. I also had that same fear before I started 2 years ago. The good thing about this is that, you will learn as you go as I did. It's a simple business and anyone can do this if you follow my step by step instructions. I will be guiding you through this process, so we will make sure you get on the right track! Does that make sense?


Prospect: So all you have to do is refer people? Is it hard getting people to join?/ What if i can't get anyone to join.

Me: Yes. ­The key is promoting the right way. In my case...people come to me for the information, instead of me chasing people around. I can teach you how to do that, it has nothing to do with if you're popular or famous....it's all techniques. I'm willing to train you so you can start making money as soon as next week. All you need is $40 in your bank account, you will then register, and then I'll guide you step by step.


Prospect: I'll think about it. I'll let you know, I'm still not sure yet.


Me: Let's be honest, what's holding you back? The money? Fear of not being able to refer people? I've talked to hundreds of people. Most of the time when people say "I'll think about it" that usually means you will think about it tonight and then by the time morning hits, it's already gone.


Prospect: I don't have time.


Me: What if I told you, you could make money with this just by spending 30 minutes to an hour a day tops, some days no time at all. Would you do it?


Prospect: How much time would i need to invest, because I work and don't really have much time.


Me: That is completely understandable. The benefits of running your own business is you work your own hours. Keep in mind that the time and effort you put in can make your success vary. But that's why we teach you to work smarter, so you can get more done, in a shorter amount of time.


Prospect: What are the Guarantees I will make money by next month?


Me: I can not guarantee your success. Your success and income is dependent on your personal drive and work ethic. It depends on how bad you want it. If you follow our trainings, and stick with it, how can you not make money?


Prospect: I had a previous experience with a so called business and it just wasted my money.. How do i know that this is different?

Me: That's understandable, one person's mistakes can make you look at the whole industry differently. But that's like saying "A girl cheated on me, so I'm never going to date again." No, right? You're just going to get past it and eventually find someone better. This is the same scenario. You were attracted t this for a reason.


Prospect: Will you be coaching and training me?

Me: Yes. Training will be provided, I will guide you every step of the way. We have a very close team and we stick together. My team is like my family. I want everyone to succeed, because the more success you see, the more success i see as well. You can't run a successful business if you don't have other people winning with you. Make sense?



Prospect: I don't get it? How does it work?

Me: Did you go through my website or not yet? Be honest.



Prospect: It seems to good to be true.

Me: Well it's 100% real. I wouldn't have wasted 2 years of my life in a company if it wasn't real lol I'm not going to sit here and tell you it's easy. It's simple. You get what you put into this business. Honestly, what great comes easy?


Prospect: How does the company make money if they pay $80 for $40 sign ups?

Me: Well let's pretend MCA has 200,000 active members. Let's say all of them are on the $20 a month plan. That's $4,000,000 a month. I GUARANTEE you they do not pay out more then $4,000,000 in commissions.


Prospect: Why do I have to pay $40? 

Me: Because you're paying for real services. This enables you to 24 hour roadside assistance, medical benefits, and legal benefits. The membership also gives you access to overrides, where you get paid for team building, bonuses, and etc. The membership also gives you access to my online team of 30,000+ MCA members that will give you training's for free on how to network market MCA and I will also be guiding you through the business. Without the membership, you won't really make any money and you will be by yourself with no help or guidance on how to succeed with this company. Does that make sense?


Prospect: Tax Forms.

Me: We file a W-9 form just like any other independent contractor. The difference between a W-2 and a W-9 is the fact we don't get our taxes taken out at the moment we get paid, but we do pay taxes like anyone else. We also have tax deductions, something you have no idea about since you're not aware of the benefits of being a home business owner.



Prospect: The money isn't guaranteed, you have to search for customers basically. I don't have time for that.

Me: Seems like you want a job. Jobs don't make you rich.. You think business owners think that way? "I'm not going to open up my restaurant no more because i don't know if we are going to have customers."


•Motor club of America is a referrals program it does not fit the "pyramid scheme" mold. Think of it like this, you go to a gym and you have to pay $40 up front for two months. Then it's $20 every month after. The gym tells you as an added benefit they offer a referrals program. If you refer a friend the gym pays you $80 per referral. Would you call the gym membership a "pyramid scheme?" The only difference is that's a gym and this is a benefits package. Another great example is Direct TV. Haven't you seen the commercial on TV of the wife referring her friends and getting $10 off her bill each time she refers a friend

*And for scripts on what to say after the person checks out your website, click here now.

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